Saturday, June 13, 2009

Woohoo, my first picture post!!

Well, with some help from the hubby (ie, he borrowed it then forgot where he put it), I found my digital camera, and I can now start to add some pictures to my posts!! This post will be my trial run, so bear with me.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon cutting all of the pieces for my chain blocks for my pinwheel chain quilt. Then I spent part of the evening piecing more HSTs to make pinwheels. Today...was not quite as productive. Something about day 7 of gray and cloudy yick weather straight (unless you count 3 hours of sun yesterday afternoon--I really don't) just made me kind of lazy. I read, I pieced another block, this one to see how I like the chain blocks (I very much DO), I watched an NCIS marathon and didn't even stitch. I could give some excuses like my back hurts (it does) or I'm tired (I am), but I was really just very lazy.

BUT. I did find the camera and Jay helped me get set up, and so here we go!

Obviously I was also too lazy to press them both, but you get the general idea. The way everything has been cut, every pinwheel will be different, though there will be some repetition of some fabrics throughout the quilt. Each of the chain blocks will have consistent colors within the block, but each block will be different. I'm really glad that I've been able to bust some of my stash with this project so far, about 4 yards worth after all the cutting was done. At some point I'm going to have to sort through and take inventory to get a better sense of just how enormous my stash really is. It will have to wait for less humid weather, though--it's so sticky, my hair has its own zipcode.

Now that I've got a sense of what I'm doing with this whole picture things, I'll make a concerted effort to post more of my progress.


ETA: I have to admit--after all of the cutting yesterday, I wound up with a bunch of strings. And a String Quilt has entered the category of WHIMMS...

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