Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Separation anxiety

Have you ever had to work late, and had the knowledge that a beautiful package of fabrics was sitting at home on your dining room table, waiting to be opened and fawned over?

8 yards and a charm pack, to be exact.

A yard each of pink, cream and white solids, a yard each of blue and yellow paisley stripes (I think these will make awesome bindings for kid quilts), a yard and a half of sprigged green calico that I got on ridiculous sale, a half-yard of yellow/orange batik with blue dots, a half yard each of 2 Oh-Cherry-oh prints (lime green with cherries & red with white blooms), AND a Moda charm pack (Aviary). Pictures obviously will follow shortly this evening.

But OMG, I still have a half hour at work (and thus, should be working *guilty look*), but I am constantly distracting myself with the deliciousness that is waiting at home for me!!


ETA: So shiny!

The charm pack is adorable, and will make a beautiful baby quilt, or two. The pink solid matches the pinks in the charms perfectly. The two paisley stripes are gorgeous, and that batik makes me want to dance!

I know, I know. Gotta bust. AND I still want to do a LQS hop at the end of the summer, so I have to rope it in and keep my hands to myself for a bit. I THINK I can do that. I'm really not sure, but I'mma try. Now, off to sleep with visions of quilt blocks dancing in my head!

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