Saturday, June 27, 2009

At the library

Well, it's a gorgeous (!!) Saturday morning here in CT, the first really sunny, blue-skyed morning we've had in a month. And it's the town's annual fair-day. So my best guess is, people will be mowing lawns, doing chores outdoors, and going to the fair, and not coming in to see me and my coworkers today.

Which honestly is ok by me. It means I can sit and finish up some orders, and drink my coffee (which I'm drinking with soy milk this morning since the DH forgot the half n half when he shopped on Thursday. Yeah, he forgot, but he also does the shopping, so I suppose it evens out in the end... :P), and clean off my desk a bit.

Lord knows, I'd rather be home with all the windows open, book on CD playing (my library book club is reading Three Cups of Tea for our July meeting), and stitching away to finish the Project Linus quilt before sitting down to cut blocks for the green and lavender 9-patch quilt, or handpiecing HSTs into pinwheels. *sigh*

There's always tomorrow.

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