Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring...AGAIN

Well, the rain is back, after a single spectacular day of sun yesterday. And it is TEEMING! I can sit in my office and listen to it pound on the roof, two stories up. Yes, I work in a library, and yes, it's fairly quiet today (no story-times--woo!), but still.

I realize I talk a lot about quilting, and not so much about the library thing so far. Part of that is, when I'm frustrated with my job, I have a different outlet for that. But part of it is, well, sometimes the job is just kind of dull. Common misconceptions? That it's really quiet, that I shush people, that all I do all day is read.

Yes, it can be really quiet, like right now. But the design of the building is quite open, with the exception of the children's wing, so ringing phones, beeping of barcode scanners, and conversation noise all carries. Most days, we get about a thousand people through our doors, especially busy are weekends and just after people get out of work/school in the afternoons. So it is NOT your ideal space for silent study. Sorry!

I am not a shusher. As a matter of fact, neither are my coworkers. If you're having a loud conversation in the middle of our balcony, so that it echoes all over the main building, we will come up and quietly ask you to take your conversation (and/or your cell phone--that's a nono in here) to the lobby. Beyond that? We don't. We don't yell at kids, either. Do you remember being scared of the librarian when you were little? I do. A lot of people carry that into adulthood. We like to be kinder, gentler librarians than the stereotype.

And finally, if I got paid to read all day, I would be among the happiest people alive. I love books, and I love to read. But my job as a department supervisor means that I count fine monies, do statistical reports, organize the service desk schedules for 5 desks in our 2 buildings (and deal with all of the vacation/time-off requests), work at the service desk, supervise my department staff including our teen shelvers, and order books for our fiction and young adult collections. And I'm always on-call in case of a cranky patron. I DO read on my lunch hour, but alas, that is an unpaid break. I'm currently finishing the new Laurell K. Hamilton, listening to Jen Lancaster's new book "Pretty in Plaid" in the car, and will shortly be starting "Three Cups of Tea" for next month's book club.

Sadly, my little shopping transgression yesterday has snowballed a bit, and I signed up for *gulps* a "Strip of the Month" club. I have become so enamored of strip quilts lately, that the opportunity was too good to pass up--a jelly-roll and a new pattern every month? From what I see, a lot of them look like quickies, too, so they'd be nice breaks from the bigger projects, like the star sampler and the endless pinwheels I'm currently working on. I figure I now KNOW I have something new coming every month, so perhaps that will curtail some of the additional spending? Yes, I know, I'm delusional. But it sounds good, yes?

(And omg, fabric. I have been particularly "want-y" lately, and this has totally hit the spot, at least for now. I am in a dither of wanting to see all the new stuff, and impatiently trying to wait for it. *makes grabby hands* When I'm like this, I honestly don't trust myself in a fabric store, for fear of caving in to the desire to roll around on bolts of fabric like a puppy in the grass. I would be very sad if my behavior meant they would ask me not to come back. :P)

As far as WIPs, I am piecing HSTs in the evenings. Still. It is the life of a handpiecer. I admit to a twinge or two of envy when I see machine piecers and quilters whipping through projects at a rate of 1-2 a week. But I know that I cannot tie myself to another machine in the evenings, and I don't really want to. I find handpiecing quite soothing. I'm not saying that I won't break out the machine at some point in the future. I'm just saying that for right now, I'm happy with what I'm doing. :)

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I also just bought Three Cups of Tea and cannot wait to begin it after I finish Sara Donati's "Lake in the Clouds". Cannot wait to hear how you enjoyed Three Cups?