Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First post!

My name is Meg. I'm a married librarian in CT, owned by many cats. And I quilt. I taught myself how to quilt just after graduating college, back in *cough* 1999. My thanks to Roberta Horton for her book "Scrap Quilts: The art of making do" (1998), as that was what got me started.

I have a personal blog on LiveJournal. I'm on MySpace and Facebook. But what I found I didn't have was a place to talk about quilting. And that was how this blog was born.

The sad fact is, I'm great at starting projects. To date, I have completed (quilted, bound) three projects--two lap-size quilts as wedding gifts for friends, and a third bed-sized quilt as a going-away present for another friend. I have about a half-dozen UFOs, and a stash that fills 4 oversize Tupperware tubs, plus 4 smaller tubs.

I am trying to limit myself to only working on 2 WIPs at a time, currently a bed-sized quilt of Christmas stars (sampler) for my husband (who was born on Xmas Eve), and another bed-sized quilt of alternating chain and pinwheel blocks for a friend's daughter, who is getting married in January.

I tend to do most of my piecing by hand, so I am not a fast quilter, by any means. And I'll be honest--it is my intention to send out most of my larger pieces to be machine quilted by someone with a longarm machine. I love the smaller projects, but to handquilt something bigger than a twin? Just too daunting.

My intention is to use this blog to chronicle my quilting, the completion of projects, the depletion of my stash (I hope!), and to connect with other quilters out there.

Welcome, and thanks!

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