Friday, June 12, 2009


So, one of the things I've done is join the Yahoo group. There's a TON of activity over there, and the listmoms keep everyone up on the weekly and monthly challenges. Some of the cool things going on over there are:

Fling It Fridays: Those books, fabrics, patterns and tools that you are hanging onto even though you know you will never wind up using them? Pay it forward. Sell it on Ebay or Craigslist. Bring it to your next quilt guild meeting and swap with other people. End result? Get it OUT of your house, your sewing room, your stash!

Also, Uglies. You know you have them. I know I have a ton of them. Those fabrics that you either bought SO much of that you've used it in every scrap quilt you've made, you've backed a half dozen quilts with it, and you STILL have more, OR those that you look at now and go "What the hell was I thinking to have paid money for this??" I'm not currently participating, because a) they're 6 months ahead of me and b) I'm not allowed to have any more WIPs until I complete at least a flimsie (top). BUT. They are running a "Not so Ugly" block a month group, and I have to say, some of the pictures are hilarious. Some of the fabrics are truly awful, but get them in a few blocks next to one another with some accent fabrics and they're really not so bad after all. Some of them will turn out to be stunning samplers at the end. :) It's something I'm keeping in mind for when they start it up again next year. I could get rid of quite a bit of my stash that way AND make some cute baby quilts with all of my novelty fabric. (I swear, it must have been all I bought for a solid year, judging by the entire BOX of it in my stash.)

Also on the agenda for this weekend? Finding my digital camera so that I can share some of my WIPs with y'all!


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