Saturday, June 20, 2009

mini at-home retreat weekend

Well, the DH is working crazy long hours this weekend, and I'm off for 2 days on a muggy, rainy weekend. What to do? SEW!

This morning, however, I got caught up on a little cutting, AND a little picture taking!!

Things to be cut. I needed more light HSTs for my ongoing pinwheels, and to finish up the cutting of the light strips for my chain squares.

I decided to throw in a few brights to do HSTs with, too. My mini-retreat project is a flimsie (quilt top) for Project Linus, of HST blocks, to use up some of the leftover blues. I had a few extra charms in primary colors (not shown) that I chopped up and threw in the mix, too.

The ironing board, complete with FQ and iron piping hot and ready to go. I cut at my dining room table, and have the ironing board right next to me so I'm not having to run all over the place. If I ever manage to clean out the other half of my office (currently taken up by a shoe organizer and 5 boxes of my husband's junk that needs to go up to the attic) then I hope to move this in there.

Not bad for about an hour's work this morning. I have the rectangles (top right) for my chain blocks, a couple of bright charms (bottom) for my ongoing stack of precut 5" squares, light and bright HSTs for the Project Linus quilt, and a big stack of 5" background fabric charms. My best guess right now is that they will either become HSTs at some future date, or perhaps will become part of a scrappy 9-patch top. I can't say for sure at the moment. More WHIMMs. Also, at the very top of this pic, you can see my little waste pile of trim and schnibbles too small to do anything with. There was a casualty in that pile, however--I was cutting a white FQ, and found that even though I'd washed it, it had stayed stained along a fold line. It was, unfortunately, how I'd received it. :( So I used all but the dirty bit, which I tossed.

Finally, this is my scrap bag. I also have a second bag for strips that are destined for wonky squares or log cabins someday. No idea what these will be, I guess we'll see. For now, I'm off to mark seam lines and get to piecing! I'd like to try to finish all the HST piecing today, and then put the top together tomorrow. I have Monday evening to myself, so if needed, I'll finish the center and put on borders at that point. The top will likely stay a UFO until autumn, when it will be cool enough to do some lap-quilting. Anything bigger than a lap quilt gets sent to the longarmer's these days.

I've also taken pics of my stash, and of my completed Xmas stars, so those will be posted in the coming days. Stay tuned!!

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