Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sexy Sunday Stash

Well, I suppose it mostly counts as sexy if you're an old-school gamer, a dork, AND a quilter. As I qualify as all three, this little stack of fabrics has me all a-flutter.

Pac Man ghosts, Alien Invaders, and a stack of gorgeous shot cottons, all courtesy of the seriously awesome Brenda of Pink Castle Fabrics. Thinking of adding some white and black in there, too. Now if I can just figure out a pattern to use for them, I can get started. Anyone have any suggestions?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Design wall Monday

Around being sick as a dog last week (especially over the weekend, once I started feeling better), I pulled together fabrics for a new quilt. If all goes according to plan (tempting fate here, aren't I?), this will eventually turn into a queen-sized quilt for our bed this winter. Each block finishes at 10", and I have 40 done so far. 60 to go! (I figure this will be closer to a king-size quilt--my way of making up for the madman's cover-hoggy ways.) I'm also brain-storming ways to quilt this myself without having to wrangle all 100 blocks in one big mass. Anyone have experience with or advice on quilting such a beast on a domestic machine?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Calling out sick

Is it possible to call out sick from blogging? Because that's what I would have done this past week. As soon as the weather gets really nice? Bang, down for the count with a cold and cough! Blech! No motivation to do anything other than drag through the day and collapse at the end.

Thankfully, there was a bright spot at the end of my sick-o week! The evil postie of doom (as my not-very-nice postman shall henceforth be called) decided to drop off a parcel for me! My Scrappy Mug Rug Swap parcel, to be exact! I hadn't seen a photo of this one on the group photo pool, and I know just why!

A little shelf of books, just for me! And the call numbers, oh my goodness. See, my partner, Colleen? She's an elementary school librarian! How perfect! What do the call numbers mean? Let's hope I don't embarrass myself here.

The first two stand for Colleen and Yarnell (cuz that's her name). The second two are fiction books (accidentally shelved out of order--curse of librarians everywhere!), Nor for my last name, and Meg for my first name. Then we get into Dewey! 006.754 Fli? That's for Flickr! The next is the classification for coffee, followed by a book about quilting. The last two? 974.6 CON is the history of Connecticut, where I live, followed by the history of North Carolina, where Colleen lives!

(Did I pass, Colleen? I all but failed cataloging in library school. Heh!)

Oh, and at the top of that photo? A little bag of color coordinated scraps from Colleen's LQS--they're SO pretty! I'm dreaming up a little quilt built around their colors!