Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've become an avid reader of quilting blogs these last few weeks (part of the reason I decided to start one of my own). And yesterday, in my reading, I learned a new term: WHIMM. This stands for Work Hidden In My Mind, and basically, this is kind of like a UFO (Unfinished Fabric Object) or PIG (Project in Grocery bag), but it just hasn't gotten started yet. And if I'm counting my WHIMMs as UFOs, BOY are there an awful lot of them!

So, here's the list:

WIP (Works in Progress)

Jay's Xmas Stars Sampler

Pinwheel Chain Wedding quilt


Split Nine Patch lap quilt (have one more seam, and border--why do I drop them with so little left to do???)

Red White & Blue Sampler (Finish quilting and binding)

Autumn colors Churn Dash (I have about a half dozen blocks of this, and I'm thinking of turning them into a table runner for the dining room table)

1930s Baby Jane Crib quilt (I am counting this, as I have the layout worked up on the Dear Jane software, the fabric ironed and set aside with all of the patterns printed and ready to go)


Stars over Kashmir--I have the layout set up on EQ6, and some of the fabrics set aside--it will be a paisley-based star quilt. I am addicted to paisley. Admitting I have a problem is the first step...

Dear Jane--I have an embarassing amount of Civil War era reproduction fabrics, and my friend Wendy sent me more, so it is either piece it or drown in it. I'm still scared of applique, though.

Flying Geese--I KNOW I have too much Civil War fabric. I'm thinking that a scrappy Flying Geese quilt (or two) might be kind of awesome, for what I can't/don't use for the Dear Jane.

Batik Churn Dash & Chain--Ear-marked for a friend. I have most of what I need, fabric-wise. Just need to get on it. Someday...

Feathered Star Medallion--Planned as the beginning of a Round Robin exchange with Wendy. May wait til she moves, though. Cuz I'm nice like that.

Ok, so, that's not overwhelming. Not at all. *chokes*

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