Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Keeping the weekend in mind

It's the last day of the fiscal year. It's a holiday week. I'm racing around like a loony trying to get things done since I'm only working three days this week. And boy am I ever looking forward to this weekend!

What do I hope to accomplish on my little at-home retreat?

--Finish the top I'm working on for Project Linus. All it will take is a middle sash and final border. I'm putting this aside for finishing when it's not going to be 80 and humid. My guess it will be tied this fall.

--Use my mornings, when it's cool, to wash, dry and iron all of my new yardage, for infiltration into the stash. (hehe, sounds like an alien invasion when I phrase it like that. Or else I watch too many movies...)

--Machine-piecing--work on violet and green 9-patches. I'm hoping to have all 25 pieced by the end of the weekend.

--hand-piecing--draw sew lines for chain squares. Piece a few of these, as well as pinwheels, each evening. Time provided, cut pieces for the next Xmas Star.

--Have fun! Watch movies, listen to music, take a nap, snuggle a kitten, relax, chat with my fellow holiday-weekend retreaters on the list-serv. Do easy things for dinner--preferrably minimal cooking involved.

Ultimate goal: to be productive in a relaxed atmosphere. (Wishful thinking, yes, I know.) And to blog about it!

OH! I almost forgot. I'll be doing a give-away at some point in the next few days. So stay tuned for more info!

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Mushyhed said...

WOW! You've got a busy week ahead of you!Aah, you are a pre-washer. I admire you. I'm Waaayyyy too lazy to pre-wash:0)