Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend stitching...

Don't you hate it when you have grand plans for your weekend off, and then you feel icky for part or all of that time?? Bleh! I had intended to piece the entire top for my co-worker's baby quilt (shower is less than 3 weeks away now) yesterday, baste it last night, and then start quilting it today. No go. I got the cutting and layout done yesterday in between breaks to go and lie down with a monstrous migraine. By the time I quit last night, I had a bit pieced, but that was it. Ugh!

This morning I woke up to heat and humidity (July weather in the first few days of May is not really my idea of a good time--we don't have the fans out of storage, let alone the AC!). The headache is still there, but less, so I finished piecing the top...

The nursery colors are brown and pink. I'm a dork, and a librarian, so this one is titled "398.2". Why? Because that's the Dewey decimal # for fairy tales, of course! (See, I told you I was a dork!)

It's a riff off of the bookshelves quilts I've seen on flickr, and specifically inspired by Cherri House's recent Moda Bakeshop tutorial. I used a few leftover jelly roll strips I had lying around from other projects, but the rest of it was out of my stash. I'm planning on adding a thin border of the Kona Espresso solid all the way around, and binding it in the same color. The backing I've picked out is from Anna Maria Horner's Chocolate Lollipop line, a multi-pink stripe with a chocolate colored flower print. However, as the Madman is due home in a couple of hours (and he is my basting helper/slave), I'd better get moving on the border if this is going to at least be basted today. Here's to praying for a few cool evenings over the next week or two to do the quilting! Nothing more uncomfortable, in my opinion, than hot weather and a lap-full of warm quilt. : P

Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend!

ps--If you're keeping track (I am), once this is finished, this will be finish #4 for Jacquie's Spring to Finish Challenge, 2010. It's never to late to start!


Terri said...

ahhh.... Dewey decimals... I haven't heard that tern since grade school. I think it's clever!

Kirsten said...

So I pretty much laughed out loud when I read the name for this quilt and the explanation! Then, since I laughed, my husband asked what was up, and he agrees that it is an awesome quilt name!
Oh, and your BQF quilt is AMAZING! I'm having a bit of quilt jealousy going on now :)