Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Urban Home Goods Swap--Received!

I got the most awesome package from Leslie over on flickr, from the first round of the Urban Home Goods Swap. So, so, so amazing!!

First, this gorgeous handmade card. LOVE it--so very sweet! :)

Along with some cute rosette magnets...

And magnetic pads. These all went up on my fridge immediately! I love these pads, and the little blue one is sticky notes. The underneath part is pieced hexagons in a clear plastic shell. And the best part is that one this pad of stickies is gone, I can pop a new one on and keep going--very green and very awesome!

And the piece de resistance?

A table runner of linen and Hope Valley hexagons. This is perfect! So amazing--thank you!! It has now been put away to use when the dining room table does not look like a bomb hit it. :D

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