Friday, May 21, 2010

A day in the life

Yesterday, the baby books quilt, 398.2, went to live with its new mama, whose baby is due in a short 7 weeks. There was lots of ooohing and aaaahing, and she's delighted. There was also much librarian dorkery (dorkishness?) over the quilt having a call number. I have a few finished photos of the quilt (pre-wash), but of course, the camera is not where I am. Those will get posted tonight or tomorrow. Along with a few other things which have occupied my time the last week or so. Pretty soon, there will even be a photo of a baby on the quilt! *grin*

All that baby-showering wore me out yesterday, so I went home and took a nap. This is fairly routine--by Wednesday or Thursday, a nap is sooo required. About 7:30, the madman, who was understandably anxious as he had not yet been fed, woke me up. Apparently, I was smiling in my sleep and he asked me what I'd been dreaming about. I told him I'd been dreaming about fabric-shopping (I've been extremely well-behaved in the acquisition department lately, and my subconscious has caught on), and that it was woooonderful!

So tonight, at his suggestion, we're going out for Indian food (omg, yum!), a stop at JoAnn's (only because neither LQS is open past 6pm on a Friday, and honestly, sometimes you do find some amazing things at JoAnn's--just sayin'), and potentially to see Iron Man 2. That last one is iffy--we may be too tired to manage a 10pm showing!

Lastly, just before bed last night, I got a sweet email from Evelyn over at Use the Loot, saying that I won her SMS May Giveaway for, get this, 140 6" squares from a variety of vintage linens!! I've been wanting to work with vintage sheets for some time--go poke around on Flickr and you'll understand why. Such amazing possibilities! But I've never had ANY luck with my local thrift shops, so this is just such a great windfall. *glee!* Thanks, Evelyn!

So tell me. Did anyone else get lucky during the giveaway spree? And with Market coming in fast and hot, what are you interested in seeing? A certain designer or fabric line you have your eye on?

Personally, I'm drooling over all the little snippets I've seen from Bonnie and Camille's new line, Bliss. I'm just not sure how I'm going to manage to wait until late summer/early fall for it!!

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