Monday, May 24, 2010

And speaking of bees...

It was just too darn hot tonight to think about quilting the baby quilt which would make finish number 5 for the Spring to Finish Challenge. I am coming to grips with the thought that it just might have to wait until some freakish cool weather this summer, or the fall. Ah well. Them's the breaks.

But bees. Right? I have the good fortune of being a part of a really talented group of ladies in my first bee, The Beehive. (I direct your attention to the button in the sidebar -->). And last November was my month to have them work their magic on my fabric. I'd sent out some unbleached muslin, some navy solid, and a bunch of aqua blues with a wee bit of green thrown in here and there. I asked for improv blocks with a fresh, beachy feel, inspired by mosaics. And these blocks could be 5", 10" or 15" per side, finished size.

And so tonight, instead of sitting at the machine, I played at the design wall with this stack of blocks.

And it became this:

Please don't mind the light at the left. It's about 9pm here, and I can't trust that the cats won't pull this down overnight. Pictures were a must.

I've actually already moved a couple of blocks. But this was to give me an idea of what gaps I'll need to fill. I have a stack of scraps left over, and will make a few smaller blocks, as well as use them to shim in here and there. Altogether, I am in awe. Nice job, ladies!

This will, at some point in the future, become a light spring quilt for my side of the bed--I run cooler than the furnace/aka the madman.


katrina said...

Meg! It looks so awesome! :D

janet said...

Ooh, I love the colors you are using. It's so much fun to arrange the blocks and rearrange them:)