Friday, August 20, 2010

More time?

My twin blogger, also a Megan, (also a librarian, and also a quilter!) asked today on her blog what her readers would do with more time.


With an extra 60 minutes today, I would:

Sew. I've got 2 rows of blocks finished and trimmed down and up on my design wall for my Urban Home Goods Swap (Round 2), and I'd love to get another row or two done. (I am a sloooow sewist.)

or Read. I'm currently reading Alison Weir's "Innocent Traitor", a novel about Lady Jane Grey. I'm a Tudor fanatic, and biographer Weir writes killer historical fiction.

If the power was out at the library today (it has happened to us 3 times in the nearly 9 years I've been here...), I would:

Go and pick up my co-op box early, instead of driving like a madwoman after work to pick up my share before they close at 6.

Go to the supermarket to pick up more canning jars.

Take all those yummy veggies home and do some canning.

Finish sewing the top of my project for the Urban Home Goods swap.

Read my book!

If there was a library strike (actually, we're forbidden to strike, but we do have the option of picketing in our off-hours, but I'll roll with it...) I would:

Finish up my swap and bee projects, so I'd be caught up for September.

Get caught up on my sleep!!

Clean. Like, a big clean. Windows and all. *shudder*

Go out with my husband on his day off, maybe for Indian food and a matinee. (We are almost never off on the same day. Ever.)

Work on a quilt project that will stay with us!!

If I were granted a year's paid leave of absence right now, I would:

Bust through my stack of UFOs and try and get them all done. *falls down and howls laughing*

Ahem. Sorry.

Get caught up on my sleep, my reading, and my movie watching.

Write the book I've had partly finished for the last two years.

Spend more quality time with my family.

Probably learn to bake. I can cook, but my baking amounts to box mixes and quick breads.

Get the house organized. We both tend to be clutter-y people, so cutting that back would be nice.

So? What would YOU do with X amount of extra time?? Tell me in a comment, or go blog about it and link it back here!

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