Thursday, August 5, 2010

As promised, the wanna-do list!

Ok, in my last post, I went over my list of works in progress. *shudder* Did it make you feel a little better about your own list? Did you actually go and count yours? It's a little scary, but it actually made me feel a lot more organized. Now, on to the list of things I want to work on in the future...

1) HR focus square in a square block quilt.

2) FMF quilt. Pattern?

3) Strips and bricks. I've seen Rita make two of these now, and Malka is about to re-release the pattern on her blog. I really, really want to make one of these. It's really rare that I stick with a pattern, or that I covet one like this.

4) Maverick stars. You've seen them everywhere. I know I have. They look like a really fun way to use up scraps and wee pieces. Perhaps some of my FMF will wind up in this quilt?

5) Buzz saw blocks. I actually have my solid background for this, and some squares cut for it. I made one for Kat in The Beehive this past spring, and while each large block is very labor intensive, I'm delighted at the prospect of making a big scrappy quilt of these blocks. This will likely find itself to be a long-term WiP. We'll see.

6) Xmas lights. I have a couple of charm packs of Lumiere de Noel by French General (who I love, btw), and an idea for my own pattern. We'll see what happens with this one...

7) Audrie's scrappy quilt-along. This is due to start any day now, and I'm very excited, but I will likely wind up playing catch-up after the fact. Need to get a few other things knocked out first!

8) A scrappy string quilt. I've actually started sorting through my scraps and putting aside the strings in anticipation. Maybe this will help me put a dent in my scraps!?

9) Another coin quilt. I loved Something Blue, and I know it's well loved by its owners. But I know I'd really love one like it for me, too!

10) Hope Valley, New Day varied squares. I've set aside my New Day half-yard cuts and some corresponding solids for this one. It requires a lot of quality time with my design wall, so I'll need to time this accordingly...

11) Kaffe Stripes. I have a small stash of Kaffe Fasset woven stripe fabrics in some relatively muted colors. Not entirely sure I know what I want to do with them yet.

12) Clara's Geese. I won a FQ bundle of French General's Rounneries fabric last fall, and think I'll save it to make a Wild Geese quilt, like the one Anita is doing in her quilt-along. (As for the name, Rounneries is a palette of grays, beiges, and creams with some gorgeous reds. I plan on using the reds to make the geese crosses in the middle of the blocks. Red Cross = Clara Barton = Clara's Geese. See, logical. :D )

13) Vintage ZigZag quilt. I won a great big stack of 6" squares, all from different vintage sheets, from Evelyn during the Sew Mama Sew giveaway extravaganza. I know I want to use them to make a scrappy zig-zag quilt.

14) LOVE. Another FQ bundle waiting to be made into a quilt. I created a pattern for it already. Now it's just a matter of taking the time to make it.

15) ORBC's hexagon quilt-along, with Julie. I wanted to do it while she was running it, but it just didn't happen that way. I've often said that quilt-alongs should be called "hurry up and finish it months after the fact...".

16) Scrap quilts 1-3. I plan on using a couple of patterns/tutorials from Rita and Elizabeth, two of my inspiration quilters.

What do you think? Should keep me busy for a couple of years, no? And that's if I manage to move faster than a tortoise, which has been my recent state of affairs!

Tell me--what do YOU want to work on next? Do you keep a list?


Ashley said...

I keep a list of sorts in my head. Lately I've started something new - I'm keeping an index card for each quilt I need to or want to make. I put the name of the quilt or the main idea or the intended recipient at the top of the card so I can flip through and pull the one I want. On the card I write notes about what fabric I want to use, the pattern, if I still need something for the quilt, or any ideas that might pan out for the quilt. I keep the stack on my sewing table so I can jot down my thoughts on the cards as they come since I know I won't get to some of them for quite awhile. That way I'll remember what I was thinking for the quilt by the time I get to it. It is working well so far.

Anya said...

Just think of how much quilting you could have gotten done in the time it took you to make up your lists?

Megan said...

I keep a spreadsheet in Google Docs - 3 tabs: Started, Finished, MaybeSomeday. It's exciting that I'm able to have all the ideas, but at the same time frustrating, because I want to make all of the projects yesterday.

Stephanie said...

I started something new this year--I make a list including only 2 months and write what I want to accomplish during that time. Otherwise it's overwhelming...that's not to say I divert from the list!