Sunday, September 26, 2010

Unplanned absences?

Wow. Where the heck has September gone? I've been busy, honest! Swaps, bees, and lots of planning for upcoming projects. We've had the strangest weather the past few weeks here in CT. Hot and humid, cold and almost frosty, more thunderstorms in these early days of autumn than we had the whole hot summer. Very bizarre. Those few chilly nights, though, have been enough to put me into hibernation mode--all I want to do after work is sleep! Though that could be because those warm, humid nights in between keep me awake! As my mother would say, sometimes, you just can't win for losing.

In any case, I can share a few things with you while I'm caffeinated enough (I hope!) to string together coherent sentences.

I'm caught up on my bees...

August for Coast to Coast Block Party, for Bibi:

Bibi sent us some of her amazingly gorgeous scraps (serious scrap envy over here!) and had us use Elizabeth's Map of the States tutorial to make up her block. It was a great learning experience--I've been an admirer of the technique for awhile, so it was great to try it out on a smaller scale. Bibi was definitely smart to spread the love on this one, to get enough 9" blocks for a quilt for her little guy--it was labor intensive. Definitely worth it, though, I think.

Also for the C2C Block Party bee, for Wendy's September block, she asked for house blocks. I chose to freestyle, so there's a little wonk to it. I still get a kick out of the stripey door!

And for my Beehiver Angela, a simple square-in-a-square block, which she'll put together as a bento block quilt once she has everything back!

Stay tuned--I have swap pictures queued up from the Urban Home Goods Round 2, and starting in October, there will be give-aways! (It's my birthday month, and really, I can't help but share the love!!)

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Mystica said...

I love the bento box look.