Saturday, July 4, 2009


Today is day 3 of my little holiday weekend at-home retreat. A bunch of us (30 something?) from the Stashbuster Yahoo Group all had the weekend free with nothing to do (my husband works retail, and is working 10-11 hour days this weekend, whereas I have 4 days off), so we decided to do an online/at-home retreat. I just figured I'd blog about it while I was at it, and do a little give-away for my readers to celebrate! It's not too late--hop over to the post and leave a comment--I'll be announcing the winner at the end of the weekend.

So, I have a confession to make this morning. Yesterday was just too darn chaotic to be productive. Woke up late, realized I really couldn't put off a trip to the grocery store any longer (it was critical--there was no half & half for my coffee!!), and by the time I got through the crush at the store, got home and unloaded everything and put it away, it was 11am, and humid and disgusting out. Showered up, had some lunch (breakfast just never happened) and settled down to piece some pinwheels. Got a few done, but it kept clouding up (I prefer to work by a window to save electricity during the day), so I gave up and watched some TV, napped with a couple of the cats ...

That's Timmy. He is a champion napper. My husband actually woke him from a nap for this picture--see how amused he is? (NOT)

So, yeah. Yesterday was kind of a bust. So I went to bed early last night, got up to a gorgeous, sunny and cool morning (65, not humid...yet), and am now caught up with email, have ironed and stowed my stash wash from yesterday and am armed with my second cup of coffee. The remaining violet and green 9-patches are waiting next to my sewing machine, ready to come together. So there should be more pics later today!

Oh, and happy 4th, all!

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