Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crazy days, no machine...

Work has been incredibly hectic. Summer reading, holiday weekend, people on vacation. I feel like I hit the ground running every morning and don't get a chance to breathe til I get home (and sometimes not even then!). And there really aren't any pictures to share at the moment, either, since I'm hand-piecing (slooooowly) while my Singer is in the shop. It needed a new presser-foot lever, and my mother admitted that the machine hasn't been serviced since she bought it nearly 30 years ago. So it's gone for a minimum of a week, and I'm already going a wee bit stir-crazy. For a self-proclaimed hand-piecer, I sure did change my tune once I could accomplish more, faster! :P

So it looks like this weekend will be some hand-piecing, and some cutting for a few WHIMMs that are begging to be WIPs. The Flying Geese with oriental fabrics is at the forefront right now. I'd also like to whittle down that stash! I also need to cut strips for the Fractions quilt I'm working on, but I need to run a round of auditions for that one, and would rather have my machine prepped for that one--once it gets going, it should be very quick.

Finally, Valerie, you have until 6pm EST tomorrow to contact me (my email address is in my blog profile) with your mailing info for the give-away, otherwise, I'll be picking another winner this weekend.

Off to the book club. Hope everyone's having a good week!

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