Saturday, July 11, 2009

Christmas in July continues!

Hop on over to Kati Cupcake's blog for a cool kit give-away, complete with delicious Amy Butler fabrics. Too cute!

What's been going on here? BUSY week at work--most of the time, I've been crashing right after dinner. Not much piecing has been occurring. And with my machine in the shop til next weekend at the soonest, my guess is that not much more will happen--at least, not quickly.

But that's ok!!

I went through and sorted my stash--I've now got what I consider "considerable yardage" separated. Basically anything bigger than a half-yard cut. I've finished ironing the last of my freshly washed stash additions:

Because, you see, I took my Singer to a shop that is also a fabric store, so I got to play! A few of those purchases are in this stack (the bright yellow, the black and white print on the bottom, the lime green stripe), and the rest were sale deals from a couple of shops online. Because the nearest LQS (and I use the "local" loosely--it's nearly in the next state...), I tend to do a lot of my fabric shopping online.

Which reminds me--the July Online Fabric Shop Hop is on--if you've never "chased the bunny", it's a really neat way to find new favorite online vendors, great sales, etc. You can find them here. There's a list of shops who are part of the hop, some vendors do special sales and bonuses for "fabshophoppers", and if you visit a certain number of shops, you're entered into give-away drawings for some pretty intense prizes. Hello, 50 yards of Hoffman batiks or Art Gallery fabrics as a grand prize? Um, yeah, I'll throw my hat in that ring.

Also, in the mail this week, I got my first kit of my strip-project of the month club. So cute!!

ETA: I got a comment asking who I'm doing my "Strip of the Month"
with. I signed up for the club run by
They run several different "of the month" type clubs, but I've always wanted to try strippy quilts, so I chose that one. So far, I'm really glad that I did!

I cannot get a clear picture of the pattern to save myself, but it's called "two by four" and it's blocks of squares and rectangles cut from the Jelly roll strips (the one that came with the pattern this month was Simplicity by 3 Sisters for Moda), finished size of each square being 2" and the rectangles 4". Clever, no?

And since my machine is in the shop, and I don't feel like handpiecing just this second, I've cleared my cutting mat... that I can go ahead and cut for a couple of WHiMMs today. I figured I'd suck it up and bust through the novelty prints in my stash, and cut them up (or at least most of them) for I Spy quilts for Project Linus. I also thought I'd do some cutting for my Oriental flying geese quilt. This is my favorite part of the process, if I'm being honest--the selecting and cutting. It's a great, productive excuse to play with my stash!

More photos to come!

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Becky said...

who do you do your strip- project of the month club with. I have been thinking of starting with a club but am not sure who to go with.