Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Stash in action, 5/1/2011

Happy May Day, (or Beltane) to my readers! I'm still here--and officially on a "stay-cation" this week. That's right, all the sleep, cups of tea, book reading, couch lounging, and sewing I have been missing out on for months! Think I can cram it all in in just a week? Yeah, me either. Oh well.

I do have a few things I plan to get done in the early part--you know, the "gotta-do" stuff. But I also want to do them, so it doesn't feel too terrible.

One is to turn this pile of scraps into a couple of blocks for this month's round of do.Good Stitches, the Peace circle.

I'll be turning these bright and pretty scraps into a couple of coin blocks--hope to show those tomorrow!

I also need to get cracking on a mug rug for a swap over on flickr. I know there are some folks who really don't get the whole mug rug thing. I think they're cute and functional--hope my partner knows I hope to use what she makes until it falls apart! I drink a LOT of tea and coffee, especially at work, so I'm hoping that I'll have something cute to bring in to the office and break up the dreary gray of my workspace a bit. Honestly, I'm really all about the silver linings lately. (Not up for positive? Come over and I'll make you cookies. Seriously. Life's too short to be miserable--I've had a lot of forcible reminders of that lately.)

These are what I've pulled for the mug rug I plan on making my partner. I hope she likes it--I need to get sketching!

Oh, and as far as keeping track of my Sunday Stash? I think I'd rather just enjoy what I'm working on than keeping inventory on what I buy and what I use. I tried it, it's not for me. I'll still do Sunday Stash posts, but I think it will be more about using the fabric instead of sitting down to do math and statistics every Sunday morning. Ok with you guys? Or are you sticklers for math?


Megan said...

The math behind the Sunday Stash reports always intimidated me - I definitely have no problem with you generalizing your stash usage in pictures. Hope you enjoy the week off!!

felicity said...

I have several mug rugs and I use them all - the one on my desk at the office ALWAYS cheers me up. While Math doesn't intimidate me, I like the idea of a Sunday Stash post that talks about *using* fabric.

Holly said...

I know that my mug rug gets used in my dreary beige office. Cheers me right up!

Skip the math...quilting is about happy escape.