Friday, April 22, 2011

3x6 bee blocks...Part Two

3x6 bee blocks, hive #7 by meg_norrell
3x6 bee blocks, hive #7, a photo by meg_norrell on Flickr.

For my hive #7 girls this quarter, I used a tutorial from Elizabeth ( It gobbled up scraps, though again, I've got so many, it didn't make such a big dent. I did alter Elizabeth's directions a little, and made the centers square instead of rectangular--I wanted the blocks to take up more of my scraps!

Now, to get these puppies all wrapped up and mailed off to their new homes! Don't worry--I took a page from Bonnie Hunter and started a couple of leader/ender projects. I know, I need more projects like I need a hole in my head, but it means that I have most of the piecing for a throw quilt already done. One of these days, I might even have a finish!

In the meantime, happy holiday weekend!

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Megan said...

1. These are adorable. 2. What is a 3x6 bee? (I'm hoping you're one of those librarians who's of the opinion that there are no dumb questions. I've been seeing 3x6 pics pop up everywhere for the past year or two, and I still have no idea how those bees work.)