Saturday, April 2, 2011


I can't say that my design wall has changed much in the last month or so. I've developed a wicked charity sewing habit lately, it seems! I think for me, charity sewing is like joining a bee. I think my favorite part of quilting is making blocks, and both bees and my recent charity sewing ( Just One Star, Log Cabins for Japan) allow me to indulge in making some blocks and then moving on to something else. I don't know, I guess I'm finding it rather liberating!

April will also be my first month taking part in the do. Good Stitches Charity bee on flickr, a project started by the talented Rachel Hauser. I'm so excited! My circle's first round is being led by Katie, and she's asking us to use a brilliant tutorial by Elizabeth of Don't Call Me Betsy. I had a little time the other night to dig into my scraps and try out a block...

The light in here is weird today--that light color actually is Kona White. Can I just tell you how much fun this block is? And with the surplus of scraps going on over here, it just eats them right up! I've sorted through and pulled for the two blocks I'm making for the April quilt.

So you can see what I'll be up to this weekend! (I'm almost disappointed I have a wedding to go to tonight--I'd rather be sewing!)

Also, just a little thank you for everyone's kindness in putting up with me being a bit whiny in my last post. We all have our days, right? Good news it that the treatment seems to have helped, and I'm feeling quite a bit better! Whew!


Mitts said...

Happy Saturday Meg, I love the blocks, enjoyed the tutorial too. Thank you for sending me there, what fun and for a good cause too.

Elizabeth D. said...

I love the block, Meg, it looks fantastic! I'm so glad you enjoyed making it :)