Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

I think sometimes as bloggers we forget that readers don't really "know" us. I mean, you know I'm a UFO queen, and the slowest quilter on the planet, but what do you know beyond that?

Here are a few things you may not know about me...

1) My first job was at a video rental store. I was 15, and worked there until I went to college. (That's right, pre-dvds, folks.)

2) I hate eggplant. I knew I'd met my soulmate in the madman when I learned he also hates it. :)

3) I'm a cat person who was raised by dog people. (My brother is also a cat person.)

4) I snore.

5) I sleep with earplugs, because the madman also snores. So do three of my cats! (er, the snoring, not the earplugs.)

6) My favorite comfort food is spaghetti marinara.

7) I love to cook, but never use recipes except as a "jumping off" point. As a result, we never have the exact same thing twice.

8) I cannot bake bread to save my life.

9) I played clarinet for 4 years. That was more than long enough to realize I have no musical abilities!

10) I have 15 tattoos. You cannot see any of them unless I'm wearing a tank top or no socks.

11) I used to have 11 piercings. I've let most of them close up. (I was young, what can I say?)

12) I've been wearing glasses since I was 5 year old.

13) I would live in jeans, if I could.

14) I consider purses necessary evils. Cute and evil go together well.

15) I'm allergic to kiwi.

16) I've never broken a bone. *knock on wood*

17) I'm totally a glass-half-full kind of girl. To a fault.

18) I set my alarm clock forward by 10 minutes, and have it set for 7:01. I know this, and still manage to fool myself.

19) I am chronically early. I've been known to sit and read in my car if I'm more than 10 minutes early somewhere. Being late makes me super stressed.

20) I took French for 10 years. It's now only useful for yelling at my cats. Makes the neighbors wonder!

So, if all's fair in love and blogs, tell me something more about you!


Melissa said...

I think I'd have to give you some competition on the title of Worlds Slowest Quilter. I dream of being one of those people who are always early. I get a kick out of spelunking when I get a chance.

felicity said...

Being late stresses me out, too. And clarinet players REPRESENT! I played for 8 years, beginning at age 9 and right through to the end of high school. I still like Benny Goodman but I don't play anymore.

Thanks for the fun sharing!

Vesuviusmama said...

1 - my first job was raking blueberries in Maine
2 - I hate chitlins (whose idea was that!?!)
3 - I love all animals, but I hate bugs!
4 - I don't snore, but I fart in my sleep (how embarrassing!)
5 - I can sleep through almost any sound except the sound of my children coming downstairs in the night.
6 - My favorite comfort food is Cream of Wheat. Or New England Boiled Dinner.
7 - I hate to cook, but love to eat so I see it as a necessary evil.
8 - I got a bread machine for Christmas and LOVE IT! Before that, I refused to make bread.
9 - I bought a guitar in Mexico in 1992, determined to learn how to play it. There are now 4 guitars in my house, but I can still just play the two tunes I learned in Mexico.
10 - I'm very interested in getting a tattoo, but am too indecisive to come up with what I want and where.
11 - My nostril is pierced along with my two ears.
12 - I got glasses in Grad School when I started using a computer regularly. I still only use them for the computer, but I wonder why they put the TV Guide channel and credits in that tiny, blurry font nowadays...
13 and 14 - I'm right there with you on jeans and purses.
15 - I'm allergic to sunscreen. Yup, found out on vacation with a guy I really liked. Embarrassing, but it ended up OK because he still married me.
16 - I've never broken a bone either, and had only had one little stitch in my life before the kids. Oh, the sacrifices we make!
17 and 18 - again, right there with you
19 - I was always early until I had kids. Now I'm always late. I blame them, but really, it's my own fault for always trying to do "just one more thing"
20 - French for 4 years in HS, but a love affair with Spanish ever since I first studied it in college in 1989. I still use it every year in my travels for work.

Thanks for letting us know more about you and share about ourselves!