Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No sewing...

But lots of cutting.

I've been a little braindead lately. Well, moreso than usual. I'm suffering hugely from cabin fever this last week. Our front steps are an icy mess. And after an inch of rain and a brief thaw, so is our driveway. It took me four running starts on Saturday night to wind up kitty-corner halfway up the incline of our driveway. I slipped and slid my way to the garage door and called my husband, who was on his way home, to warn him. Poor guy spent a half hour in the drizzle and the dark when he got home trying to at least get both cars in the driveway. What an ugly mess. Add to that the thaw means that we have water coming in through one window in our living room and seeping in one ceiling corner in my sewing room (ugh!), and you can begin to see where my head is at, yes?

So there hasn't been any sewing for about a week. I've mostly been sorting scraps, ironing and cutting some of them, and making pretty little stacks...

I've long admired the Strips and Bricks pattern by Malka Dubrawsky, and the versions made up by Rita of Red Pepper Quilts, shown here and here. When Malka revamped her pattern and made it available for pdf purchase a few months ago, I leaped on it, having missed it in its originally published magazine in 2009. I've finally started sifting through my "low volume" fabrics, and have started putting together the soothing, gorgeous palette used in the original, as well as Rita's two incarnations. Sewing is a ways off yet, as there's a lot of cutting yet to do, but I can handle that.

Just don't ask me about our weather. Deal?

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Megan said...

No! Meg! All this sounds awful! I'm glad you're making the most of it and keeping the craftiness alive somehow. Way to not let the weather and its ill effects crush your spirit! Was any of your sewing loot damaged?