Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday Stash

On Monday, again.

The past week or so has been all about evolution. I've sorted, ironed, folded, shifted.

I started out with my office/sewing room looking like this.

(If you are sensitive to photos of wanton stacks of fabric, unsorted, haphazardly folded in various sizes, you might want to scroll past the next few photos. They may shock you. You've been warned!)

Pulled out of my closet and onto my sewing table. No room to work! No wonder I can't get anything done in here!

The stash in flux. Some neatly folded and put away. Some waiting for the royal treatment. God, what a sty.

More stacks, pre color sorting, ironing and folding.

Soon to be happy fabric, posing with the new love of my life, comic book boards.

Did you make it? Are you ok? It's over. I promise.

Let me show you what all of the stacks and mess has turned into...

Warm and neutrals. See the issue here? Yeah, no room for orange. I'm working on that...

Altogether now. A spot for oranges. On the bottom left, you're looking at FQs in the front, with a project bin, all 3 purple fabrics I own, plus my FMF and AB Love stashes.

Off to finish with the oranges, and see if I can get my solids organized! (Thank goodness for Presidents' Day!)

Used this Week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 3.5 yards
Added this Week: 2.75 yard (Found a couple of great deals on Etsy. I need to stay off of that site!!)
Added Year to Date: 23.75 yards
Net Used for 2011: -23 yards

Erk. Need to finish cleaning so I can get sewing!


Megan said...

1) I totally just ogled your stash. I cannot wait to see how it looks when everything's wrapped around the boards!
2) I'm incredibly jealous that you have President's Day off from work.
3) I finally got with it and just ordered some comic book boards of my own.

Melanie said...

You are so brave! I almost did a post of my mountain of messy stash and then chickened out! You have very beautiful fabric!