Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh, what a mess!!

My husband thought he was being funny the other day. A friend asked where I was, so he took a picture of my stash, and said "Well, my guess is she's in here. Somewhere..."

Heh. The man has a point. What a mess! Pretty, though.

Anyone want to share the method to their stash madness??


Mama Pea said...

Ha ha. That's pretty funny. I love it. Your stash is beautiful. My what I like. Nothing goes together as well as yours all seems to!

Juliejaz said...

My method is to buy what I can afford (and sometimes not) and then stick it in drawers according to color and or print. I shove (unorganized) all my scraps in plastic drawers.

Those orange, reds and greens are beautiful!

Lindah said...

That is so funny! Your man has a good sense of humor. Your stash is inspiring.

I find my method of organization changes from time to time according the items needing it and sometimes according to my mood. ;-p

I'm currently in a hold-my-breath-and-don't-buy phase. Actually, it has been a long phase, so most of my larger pieces are gone and the remaining ones are easy to stack. When I must buy fabric to finish the project I'm working on, it stays in the close vicinity of the project. It's the quarter yard and less pieces that are hard to deal with, varied shapes/sizes, y'know, so they get folded as best as the moment allows and stacked likewise. The strips and squares are multiplying --but not in harmony, so they are hard to use up. I'm making progress, though. In the meantime, they reside in "cute" baskets on bookcase shelves. (Unfolded -gasp!) These short bookcases back up to my sewing desk and provide a little wider work surface around my machine. But I want to say... I am anxious to use up/toss/get rid of all those scraps, strings, strips, itty-bitty squares so I can buy some *real* fabric. lol I glanced toward the fabrics in my LQS this morning as I headed toward the ruler rack. The beauty nearly took my breath away! With weak knees, I re-traced my steps to the door when it became apparent that they did not stock the ruler I wanted.

Back to the latest scrap project.

Holly said...

Is it shameful to admit that I used an on-line tutorial for folding my fabric?

I generally stack mine by colour (like you have done), but sometimes put collections together (if I imagine that I'm going to use them in a quilt together). I also have another pile just for solids and an overflowing scrap box.

I love it when everything is folded stacked and organized, but will easily admit that my sewing room is more often messy than organized. It's just a sign that the room is getting a lot of creative use...right????!