Sunday, January 10, 2010

A partner in crime...

There's been quite a bit of talk around the blogosphere in the last week or so about a rash of new Modern Quilt guilds popping up all over the country. Kansas City? Has two of my quilt idols in there--Jacquie G. of Tallgrass Prarie Studios and THE Tula Pink. Now, if only I lived within driving distance of Kansas City, my life would be complete.

However, I live in CT. And that really is not close at all. There is talk of another one starting up in New England, but we're talking more up Boston way, and that's still between two and three hours of driving each way. *sad face* I was just hoping for something a bit more...convenient. Though there has been a bit of muttering about an NYC group, and that's just an hour or so by train, so it stands a better chance.

Now, it's not that I haven't looked at guilds before--there are a few in my area. One is kind of like the quilting mafia. Lots of rules, and if you cross them, you'll be swimming with the fishes. Seriously. Plus, they meet on a weekday morning, and for us working stiffs, that just doesn't cut it. The other one is smaller, which is ok too, but they meet the one night of the week that I work late, so they're out, too.

So I'm a loner, which is ok, too. And it's why I love the bees on flickr and the blog community of quilters and crafters, because it's still sharing and discussion, just without so many schedules and restrictions.

Today, I dropped off the Something Blue coin quilt--the couple is coming back from their honeymoon late tonight. And in talking to my dear friend, the bride's mom, she mentioned that she really wanted to learn to quilt. She wants me to teach her! Haha! Well, first things first, we need to teach her to use a sewing machine... :D So we've set a tentative plan for once a month to spend an evening together sewing. I can't wait!!

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jacquie said...

such kind words...thanks! i know all about guilds with rules...yikes! why don't you just grab jackie of canton village, hop in the car and come on over. kansas city is so much fun! seriously, i hope you find folks in your area to start a group! thanks for bidding on my quilt too.