Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Belated New Year!

Nope, I haven't disappeared entirely. The week between Christmas and New Year's was hectic, at home, at work, in general. I worked this past Saturday, and as the clock struck 5, I officially began my January vacation! The madman and I habitually take the first week of January off together, to destress and recharge after the holidays. Spent yesterday being a lazy schmuck, but have accomplished a few things today. Tomorrow, I believe we're running errands, then going out to lunch and the movies.

I do have pictures, honest. Er, I would if we hadn't been snowed in for the better part of two weeks. See the picture at the top of the blog? Yeah, that's been every day lately. Snowiest holiday season in my recent memory, I must say.

In any case, there are pictures of minis, and blocks, and a finished quilt not too far off. Now let's see if a sunny day won't throw me a bone in the near future!

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Em said...

I am sending you lovely sunshine from Southern Utah, found your blog and already love it! What movie did you see? I smiled as I looked at blogs you follow, Greenfairy is my quilter and I love her too!!!! Off to the field to do physicals today so I will have photos posted on my blog for you to get some sunshine!!! COme visit me. I also have some beautiful sunshine from my trip this weekend to my brother's farm. Look forward to meeting you on blogland!