Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 reflections, 2010 resolutions...

I've been thinking a bit about how much I've changed over the last year, in terms of quilting. I've stumbled upon the modern quilting movement, the quilt/craft blog community, some incredibly creative and inspiring quilters who make me want to push the envelope and try new things. I've learned to embrace brighter colors than I ever would have dared to work with before. I've learned that while I look terrible in yellow and orange, I love working with them! I've tried wonky and improv piecing--and fallen in love with the freedom they've brought to my approach to the creative process. I've discovered the generosity of my fellow craftspeople. I've accepted that the best-laid plans sometimes go awry, and that's ok--finishing a half-dozen blocks of a proposed 30 doesn't mean I've failed to finish a project, just that I've wound up with a kickass baby quilt instead. :) I'm teaching myself to quilt on my domestic sewing machine, and becoming more comfortable with every project.

I figure that since I've grown so much, I should set some goals so that I can continue to challenge myself in this new year.

1) Try and finish at least half of the projects I start, within the same calendar year. Note: I said try.

2) Learn to machine quilt in something other than straight lines. I love it, it's relatively straightforward (see wut i did thar?), but I should try out some stippling or other free-motion quilting. It's a goal to push outside of my comfort zone.

3) Try not to overextend myself so much, and set realistic goals and priorities. I'm member to two bees, and I participate in mini swaps (they take place each month, but I opt in when I think I have time). My goal is to make these my priorities, and work other projects in around them. Deadlines are good, too many deadlines and it stops being fun. This is supposed to be fun, right?

4) Work on keeping my space organized. Keep sewing table neat(er), stash reasonably tidy and organized. I work better when I can find things, so that's the goal there.

5) Document better. Bad light, poor skill, whatever. I tend not to take pictures of the process, and am slow to post the results of my endeavors. I really want to get better about this.

6) Finally, have fun. Experiment, try new things, and always learn.

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