Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The wrench in the works...

Isn't it always the way? Grand plans, detailed schedules, all's going according to plan and then...


In the post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas rush of things, I had a great schedule for working on my husband's quilt, finishing my Pillow Talk Swap pillow, a few odd crafts for friends and family, and it seemed for a minute like I might even make it.

And then I came down with the icky stomach bug that's been going around. And thought I was better! And then it came back. YUCK. Four days, gone. And now my poor madman has it. He is not a good patient.

So we're struggling along here. And I'm sorry there's nothing to see. And I'm sorry I keep starting sentences with "and".

Here's to hoping for a HEALTHY end to this year, and beginning to the new one. Because being sick is seriously cramping my Christmas spirit.


Andi said...

I hope everyone is well soon!!
Andi x

Stray Stitches said...

Hope you and your madman are both better soon. Men turn into little boys when they are sick :(