Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the old, in with the new...year!

A lot of my bloggy, crafty friends are posting huge mosaics of what they've accomplished this year. Not that they're bragging--in many cases, they're as shocked as their readers! But it's left me feeling a little bit out of sorts, like I should somehow be managing to be more productive.

Then I decided that some accomplishments were better than none, and what the hell, I'm celebrating my little triumphs, too!

I've made a pillow cover, a mug rug (my first!), a table runner, tea towels, coasters and a drawstring bag for 3 rounds of swaps in flickr groups...

Swap items I made, 2010
1. PillowTake 4, take 1, 2. Saavy Seasons Swap gifts!, 3. Urban Home Swap, sneak peek

I've finished 2 baby quilts, 1 small throw (for another swap), and one large throw...

Finished quilts, 2010

1. Baby quilt, finished!, 2. 398.2 baby quilt, finished!, 3. Urban Home Swap 2, 4. jay's quilt, finished

And I've made lots and LOTS of blocks for my two bees this past year!

Bee blocks from 2010!

1. Flying Geese, for Jo, Dec. Beehive , 2. 9.5" block for Belinda, 3. 18.5" block for Belinda, 4. Beehive blocks for Mel, 5. 2 Blocks for Feb Coast to Coast bee, 6. Beehive blocks for Bec, February, 7. Beehive block for Bec, February, 8. Jennifer's block for March, 9. March Beehive block, for Kat, 10. May CtC Block Party block 2, 11. May CtC Block Party block 1, 12. Beehive May block for Julie, #3, 13. Beehive May block for Julie, #2, 14. Beehive May block for Julie, 15. CtC Block Party April block for Tracy, 16. String blocks 1-4, Andi's July Beehive blocks, 17. string block 5, Andi's July Beehive Block, 18. Amy's June Beehive block, 19. Susan's blocks, July Coast to Coast Block Party Bee, 20. Bibi's Block, C2C bee, August, 21. CtC Block Party block, September, for Wendy, 22. Beehive block, September, for Angela, 23. Oct Beehive block #2, for Karlyn, 24. Oct Beehive block #1, for Karlyn, 25. Sheridan's block #1, 26. Sheridan's block #2, 27. Sheridan's block #3, 28. Sheridan's block #4, 29. April Beehive block 1, for Tanya, 30. April Beehive block 2, for Tanya

So, while not a lot of finishes, still plenty of sewing. Since I figured out that quilting at the dining room table is so much easier than trying to do so at my little sewing table in my office, I hope that I'll be able (and willing) do quilt and finish a number of my works in progress before it gets too warm to think about quilting for awhile! Here's to more finishes for 2011! Have a safe and happy New Year!


Anya said...

It certainly looks to me like you've accomplished a lot! And remember, it's not the quantity, it's the quality! Happy New Year, Meg!

Sylvia said...

I don't know what you are talking about because that is ton of stuff you have finished! Great job and Happy New Year.

Melissa said...

Okay, I'm amazed at all you've done! Very fun projects you have here.

I'm curious why you've found the dining room an easier place to sew. I have my own little room upstairs but I've wondered if having the sewing machine in our breakfast area (in the center of things) would take advantage of those few little minutes here and there.

Wyldchai said...

Just wanted to let you know-- You make very beautiful things. As Anya said, very high quality. Keep crafting, and if the dining room table lets you work on it a bit more often, then do more of what makes you smile.

I have to periodically corral and migrate all my knitting/spinning stuff back to its crates and shelves, but it's always to hand so I can work on it. Gorgeous stuff, lady!

Nancy said...

I'm impressed with what you accomplished last year. I just found your blog, and in the spirit of loyalty to a fellow librarian/quilter, I am now a follower! Happy New Year!