Thursday, November 11, 2010

Final destash update, day 1

Wow. 44 listings up at the moment. I've hardly made a dent. It's after 5 here, and pitch dark--no more photos til tomorrow. I've been through Yellow and Orange from my modern stash so far, in addition to precuts, some FQ bundles, etc. I have a crick in my shoulder like whoa--I need a masseuse named Sven to help me out with that.

There's some pretty great stuff in ye olde shoppe, if I do say so myself. Heather Ross's Mendocino, Denyse Schmidt's KJR, Amy Butler's Belle, and Midwest Modern 2, and Lotus. Joel Dewberry. Lizzy House, Tula Pink. You know, just to name a few. :D

Happy shopping, folks, and thanks again for helping me destash. I've needed to tackle this for awhile now, but having to come up with closing costs in order to refinance our mortgage really gave me the kick in the pants I needed. See you tomorrow!

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