Saturday, July 31, 2010

Simple Abundance WIP

Simple Abundance WIP
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Do you remember this quilt? I was working on it back in February. I got it all sewn together, but really wanted to make it a little bigger. I have some yardage in about a dozen of the fabrics from the Simple Abundance line, as well as another honeybun. But I was totally stumped. Did I just want to do a series of simple borders? Did I want to make some small Log Cabin blocks using the honeybun strips and do a row at the top and bottom to make the quilt longer? Did I want to leave it as just a small lap quilt? So I folded it up and worked on other projects, and waited.

Inspiration finally struck yesterday, in a flash of clarity. I happened across another charm pack on Etsy. With the honeybun, I can make more of the bordered squares and straight set them for a top and bottom border. With the addition of a few small borders of more Kona Espresso, I think I've finally got it. I really want this one quilted and ready for the couch by the time those first chilly night roll around this autumn, so I'm hoping to get it finished and quilted soon!

Trying not to think to hard about quilting what should amount to a twin sized quilt in August though. Ugh!

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