Sunday, October 11, 2009

Frustration, and giveaway update

So, my husband borrowed my camera and computer cord. And very nicely returned them to me. Except with the way my computer is situated and hooked up, I cannot (thanks to my back) maneuver to hook the cord back up without hurting myself. Badly.

So I do have photos of my birthday splurge from Sew Mama Sew. And I do have photos of the world's saddest giveaway--why is it sad? Because no one's shown any interest. Why is that? I'm guessing the lack of photo isn't helping. The giveaway was supposed to end today, but I'm extending it to give more folks a shot at it. You'll get one entry for commenting on that post. Then go blog about it for a second chance at it.

What is it? Ok, fine. To be updated with a picture, but it's a Tiny Tidings Jelly Roll, from Sentimental Studios. Check the link to get a look at the fabrics. I can see this being a gorgeous, cozy quilt, combined with maybe a Moda Basic Jelly roll like this to really set off the deep colors of the prints. What can I say? It was hovering around 40 this morning, and we have our first frost warning already posted for tonight. It puts me in a Christmassy, giving mood.

Now, go enter!! Photo post later, I promise.


SandyQuilts said...

Why didn't DH plug it back in for you?

Jacque. said...

ohman...I missed the first post on this...BUT, I'm here now! I would love that jelly roll to make some Christmas quilty things. Thank you for the opportunity!