Friday, September 23, 2011

Still yet more bee blocks!

I know, right? I don't blog all summer and all of a sudden I'm burying you in posts. What can I say, it feels good to be back! I actually did work on these and get them knocked out in August, at which point they promptly became buried in the pigstye I call my sewing room. Seriously, I'm worried someone's going to see the stacks of stuff around here and nominate me for Hoarders.

Anyway, I finally unearthed the blocks! More bee blocks, this time for my absolutely fabulous group of ladies in the 4x5 Modern Quilt bee over on flickr. I used the Summer Sampler Series hosted by Faith, Katie and Lee over the summer. This is the Mosaic block from the series, and it has great visual impact without being particularly difficult. That said, I'm rather in love with the secondary pattern created by having the blocks together, and I'm thinking perhaps a scrap quilt done in this block would be awesome. Yes?

In any case, the blocks are off to the four corners of the map, and I'm feeling relieved to be caught up with ALL of my bees right now! Being in 3 hives for 2 quarterly mini-bees was a LOT, and I'm feeling it. In the process of taking a mighty step back. I have Christmas presents to sew, people! (Sorry, I did it. I'm sorry!)


Debbie said...

Meg, I love the block I received today...thank you! And yes it would make a great scrap quilt!

quilary said...

These blocks look so lovely together...they make me want to sew them right now!

Megan said...

Those are adorable! Don't worry, my sewing room's a disaster area also. I tell myself it's a sign of a creative mind.

Vesuviusmama said...

The blocks are wonderful and I agree, a scrappy one would be great! I'm trying to focus and get some Christmas sewing done myself. And a messy sewinr room feeds your creativity, no worries!