Saturday, July 23, 2011


My apologies that this space has been so silent lately. It's just too darn hot to sew in the evenings. An un-air-conditioned house plus triple-digit heat here in CT means I've got nothing to show you, and not much to blog about.

However, my boss has asked me to blog about books for the library, and since it's never too hot to read, there's been some writing done over there! Looking for suggestions on what to read? Go take a look!

The heat should break in the next day or two, which will hopefully mean more posts for you guys in the near future. Stay cool, and thanks for bearing with me!


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Oh you poor thing! I lived thru two summers in CT a few years back and I well remember how uncomfortable they can be - and I had aircon. Good luck for the weather breaking soon.

Megan said...

Oh gah, I can't even imagine this kind of heat without a.c. I guess it's a good excuse to work overtime? Nice reviews on the book blog! Okay, so library nerd time: 'fess up. Have you actually read all of those books? Or did you use some mad readers' advisory skills to skim them and aptly hit all of their appeal elements?