Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I promised a finish...

And I'm delivering!

First finish of 2011, and I feel so good about this. You have no idea.

I started these blocks with no real goal in mind about a year ago. And lost interest after 5 blocks. Set them aside, and played with other things.

But with a friend's baby shower coming up (this Saturday, in fact), I got moving on this project again just after the first of the year.

Piecing, borders and basting on Saturday, quilting and binding on Sunday, and it was in the mail to Georgia on Monday. Sadly, I won't be able to join it for a little Southern-style party this weekend, but I'll be there in quilt and spirit!

It finished at about 36" x 45". And I love it.

Some of my favorite bits...

A bit of Pinocchio Munki, just the perfect color and size.

AB Coriander, Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet from Red Letter day, and Tula Pink Ladybugs...


Backed with this great argyle print from Riley Blake's Hooty Hoot line, and bound with my favorite KJR basketweave in aqua.

I went with a free-motion meander, which turned out a LOT better this time around. I did find that after switching bobbins once, I had some tension issues. That required some ripping, machine fiddling, and tension resetting, but ultimately fixed it. Only to break my darning foot. /facepalm Thankfully, the Madman got some crazy glue in his stocking this Xmas, and I used that to fix the foot. Everything else went according to plan!

Here's to hoping that my dear friend loves her quilt, and that her little boy-to-be will love it for years to come.

Now, onward to use the rest of my mid-week snow-day (we topped out at just over 18" here, though after a bit of sun it looks like we may get another bit of snow after all /sigh) for some more sewing!


Anya said...

How can your friend not love that! Very nice job!

Amy said...

very nice colors! I am sure it will be loved and snuggled under.

katrina said...

Meg, that's just LOVELY, and also, I'm SO jealous of your first finish. I don't think that I'm EVER going to get anything done over here. :P

Sylvia said...

Love the colors!

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Oh wow, this is a stunning quilt - and that pinocchio - too cool!