Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring to Finish 2010, a to-do list

spring to finish big

Jacquie, bless her, is doing it again--I missed her Spring to Finish challenge last year, but I am SET this year! Six weeks (til the end of May) to finish up projects that have been hanging around and need to be cleared off!

So, the list:

1 & 2) The Urban Home swap projects

3) My mini for the STUD April swap.

4) A baby quilt for my co-worker, who is due this summer. (Has been started and scrapped twice. Hoping to stick with my new idea.)

5) Baby boy quilt (currently a stack of blocks) for my coming-soon etsy shop. (!!)

6) Baby girl quilt (basted) for said shop.

7) Simple Abundance quilt (currently the top is half-done)

8) The Madman's Man Cave Quilt (a stack of blocks waiting to be assembled).


9) The Madman's Xmas Stars quilt (which I started handpiecing a few years ago, and am nearly ready to sash the blocks and get moving forward).

Think I can get them all done?? Check back here throughout the next six weeks and see how I'm doing!!

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