Friday, December 18, 2009

My own early Xmas present

Some may know about Moda's Fabricmatcher site. It's a really cool site that lets you look at and design with different patterns and pretty much any Moda fabric in recent memory. Some folks in the blogosphere happened to mention it, and a contest that they run most months (December is an off month) where you pick a pattern by a particular designer, and using virtual swatches of Moda fabrics, design a quilt. And the pattern designer looks through all the entries for the month and chooses a winner.

I went ahead and messed with it last month, and in the end wound up with several entries. And promptly forgot about it.

Until I got an email late Wednesday saying that I had won November's contest.



No lie. I won a fabric bundle and autographed patterns from Cozy Quilt Designs. How epically cool is that?? Little old me. *shakes head* I'm still in shock, to be perfectly honest. Many thanks to Daniela Stout of Cozy Quilt Designs for choosing me, and to Moda Fabricmatcher for hosting the constest!

At last check, it's not updated with the other winners from previous months, but you can see the project I submitted here. Click the projects tab, and the winner was Cozy Quilt 5. :D

Hope everyone else is having a happy holiday season!


Jeanne said...

Congratulations! I keep hoping I'll win some fabric, but not yet... Have fun!

And thanks for the heads up on Moda's Fabricmatcher.

Sarah said...

Congratulations lady!!!

Even better when you forget all about it!

Jackie said...

That is really cool! Congrats to you!

lissa said...

Congratulations! Your prize will probably be arriving after new year's. A great way to start the new year!

katie said...

congratulations and thanks for the heads up. I love MODA but never tried the fabricmatcher