Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm grounded

I have officially grounded myself. I am in big trouble.

See, I made up some blocks awhile back, based on no particular pattern. And then I put them together into a top a week ago, also based on no particular pattern. But it worked and I liked it.

And I pin-basted it.

And then I started quilting. I have not had the cojones to try FMQ yet, an I've been doing a lot of straight-ish line quilting. I decided to riff off of that for this project.

I unpicked it all twice, because it would bunch and twist and pucker.

It's the same pin-basting method I've used on smaller projects (this one is only about 40 x 60, so crib quilt sized), and it's worked perfectly for them. Just. NOT. For this one. At all. I can't even make myself show pictures of it, I'm so embarassed.

It's a mess. Every time I look at it I want to cry. Because I feel like I wasted time and materials and effort. And the thought of unpicking it all a third time makes me want to be sick. Seriously.

So I'm grounded. I'm back to square one, basics. I have no worries on my piecing, really. But I'm going to have to spend a nice long time and a few very simple projects getting to know more about quilting on my machine, because I'm not sure I can handle disappointing myself like that again.

Make me feel better. Does anyone else have a project like mine, one where the best of intentions went horribly, sickeningly awry?


Lesly (aka Shadrach Meshach and Abednego) said...

Oh, I feel for you! I hate picking out mistakes. When I machine quilt I make sure I use a printed background to hide any puckers and wrinkles that occur. Quilting is when I definitely use the galloping horse rule - if you can't see the error from the back of a galloping horse then don't fret over it. I wonder why the pin basting didn't work this time? If you have the courage to pick it out again, perhaps hand-basting would be the answer? Since it's only a crib-size. Good luck - and don't give up! You can do it!

Chelsea said...

I quilted the first quilt I had ever quilted myself a few weeks ago. I was giving it as a gift for a baby shower 4 days after I bought the fabric for the top. (Yes, I do procrastinate a bit!)

I stressed myself out to no end when quilting this and let me tell you, that bad boy had puckers. To a professional quilter it might have looked like a butt full of cellulite. But after I spent a fair share of an afternoon crying and frustrated, I realized a tiny lil cuddly baby isn't going to mind if this quilt has a few poufy spots.

Now, I understand my theory will not work for every project but then again I'm hoping my quilting skills improve with more practice.

Some call it mistakes, I call it character! ;)

Best of luck to you with this problem child!

katrina said...

OH MAN! I hate more than ANYTHING ripping seams!

I say, put it aside for a bit, and then give it another go. Especially if you liked it so much to begin with!

Sarah said...

Hehe, we have the "trotting horse rule" for knit/crochet too.....

And yes, I have a watermelon-themed purse/pillow that I have been working on for my sister for almost a YEAR now, that keeps getting sent to Time Out. Someday she will get it. On that day, I will rejoice forever because it will no longer be in my house. paugh.

Just take a little break from it and go back later.